We solve the objectives of your business using advanced Internet technologies in such areas of the industry as Web Design Web Development SEO PPC Social Media Digital Marketing

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Research is what we start with. Clearly defined goals and long-term strategy is what successful projects are based on.

We investigate target audience in order to understand people we are going to deal with. We need to understand their habits, their wishes and needs to determine the best way of communication with ones.


We truly like this phase. Here future products find their embodiment in prototypes and mock-ups, the platform for developers is being prepared.

This step consists of information architecture, interaction design, quest for visual solutions, and it all leads to a precise technical task for developers.

Production & Support

Now it's the time for our technically oriented teammates to enter the stage. They make designers' dreams work, they test, debug and eventually launch the product!

Such things as focus group discussions and eye-tracking tests happen here. And we stay with you until we reach the best version we can.

Web development and design

Contemporary design trends make websites look very similar, furthermore not providing necessary functionality to convert random visitors into paying clients.

If your website, your one of the strongest money-making tools on the internet, is too resembling to others and doesn’t really earn, be our guest – let our experts enliven it and make it work on you!

We make websites which aim to attract your potential clients making them want to purchase from you. And if it’s continuously optimized to be easily found in search engines, expect for the best results.

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Organic SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is that tricky thing that make your website visible. Despite all your effort to make it attractive itself, without SEO it’s like a beautiful ghost.

Google gets billions of search requests daily, and most of us don’t even look further the first page. Do you know which page your website appears on? If not among the first, you need us. We’ll do it our best to introduce your business to the online world.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media - the place some of us can be reached easier than in one's house. Rely on IT Daddy team, and get social media campaigns with perceptible effects.

We know how deal with your business profile in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and YouTube. Everything we do has a strategy beneath – with each campaign we invest in a long-term value of your company. Our experts will bring out the best of your social media profiles using a mixture of organic and sponsored attention of your potential clients.

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Pay Per Click

Let’s be honest, surplus of offers makes us lazy. Especially when it comes to making decision on something virtual, something we cannot touch. That’s why 98% of internet searchers don't even look on Page 2 in Google. But worries aside, IT Daddy has a solution.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet advertising model which catches your potential customer’s attention and brings to your website. You only pay when advertisement is being clicked on. PPC works best in cooperation with SEO, and as a certified Google Partner IT Daddy team will make you wonder how many clients have slipped past you.

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