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We know what to do

You can be a business shark and still unable to keep up with impetuous speed of today’s online world. And it’s okay. If you have us.
We will do our best for your business to shine at the forefront of virtual world so you can totally focus on real life decisions, the ones which means the most in pursuing the success.

IT Daddy is a Canada based digital marketing, SEO & web design company. We have come to boost your business in global network, raising your company’s popularity and delivering new customers. We consciously work on a limited amount of projects per year to ensure maximum involvement of our specialists in your issue.

Lovely custom made web design

Website with a clean and beautiful interface, together with interactive pages’ layout will provide a better experience for your users, which will result in better conversion rate and will let your business stay on top of the competition

Special focus on ROI

Our team is devoted to providing effective tools for your website to reach out to your potential customers in the best way possible and create new leads, as we understand the importance of all your online marketing efforts.

Responsive design

Research shows that nowadays over 70% of users prefer to use their smartphones to browse websites. Thus, we offer the top class services that also include a fully responsive design for all smartphone and tablet devices, offering your end customer the best user experience.




Marketing / SEO


Coding ninja



We are a team of digital enthusiasts who create a glorious user experience. Let’s make some cool stuff together!

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