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Every day people are searching for billions of different things on Google.

Considering the high competition, it is important for each business to be present on the first pages of search results in order to generate a valuable traffic. Online visibility is very important for any brick-and-mortar business, whether it’s a restaurant, professional service provider, or any home based business. If you want to have a solid customer base, online presence on major search engines is a must. And this is where SEO comes as an essential tool. SEO is a very rigorous process, which involves a thorough selection of vital keywords and phrases that customers use to search for products or services that your business has to offer.

Why is it so important to carry out an audit?

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Most of the ranging methods (deciding which website should be positioned above others) fall under metrics that are being audited

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If the errors revealed after one type of audit are not being fixed, the investements made in SEO promotion is a waste of money

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The audit lets you make the right marketing analysis for your business, as well as better understand your competitors’s promotional strategy

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It’s just unprofessional to launch a promotion without an audit

Internal optimization

Stages of website audit

Technical audit
  • Link audit_
  • Page indexing_
  • Relinking_
  • Content_
  • SMO_
  • Registration in services_
  • Titles, ALT-data, friendly URL 404, 301, mirror, infinite pages, broken links_
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Usability audit
  • User interaction_
  • Content, design_
  • Information architecture_
  • Website design_
  • Identification_
  • Website accessibility_
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Competitor's audit
  • Collecting information on:_
  • Context_
  • Organic search results_
  • Promotion type_
  • Differences in usability_
  • Comparative tech audit_
  • Price comparison, work conditions comparison_
  • Comparison of prices, work conditions_
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Internal optimization

Second phase = Troubleshooting based on audit

Performed by
  • Web developer’ tasks
  • Audit based troubleshooting_
  • Technical update based on usability audit_
  • Marketer’s and designer’s tasks
  • Improving website structure based on usability audit_
  • Website update based on the audit of competitors_
  • Copywriter’s and front- end developer’s tasks
  • Changing texts on the website according to the semantic layout_
  • Working on uniqueness and corrections based on examination of texts_
Fixing these errors will provide:
  • Secure website
  • Operating website
  • Sales growth
  • Conversion rate growth
  • Getting better position in search engines
  • Optimal keys for SEO

External optimization

The work on external optimization is based on three basic principles

The semantic core analysis
  • Creating the landing page_
  • Adding news and a blog_
  • Selecting the target requests_
  • Forecasting the potential traffic_
  • Setting up the keywords for the contextual promotion. Negative keywords_
  • Registration in services_
  • Determining the conversion from the request_
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Preparation for the external optimization
  • Clean code_
  • High loading speed, so that, visitors are not forced to wait_
  • The correct and fast indexing_
  • Logical website structure_
  • The website will meet all the requirements of search engines_
  • The resource will become easy and interesting for the visitor, which will increase conversions and sales_
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The actual external optimization
  • Creating a network of organic external links only_
  • Registartion in catalogues, maps, review services_
  • Visibility of your website in search engines will increase due to compliance with all the requirements of the search engines_
  • Brand recognition on popular platforms_
  • Placing ads on the platforms_
  • Promotion by the keywords and the chosen semantic core in your region_

Why SEO Optimization is essential for your business

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Your resource will be competitive_

Your resource will be among TOP results in your region when key requests are made_

High targeted traffic provides you high sales. The first positions in search engines’ TOP guarantee this_

Besides traffic and sales, it’s important to work on brand recognition, which is a long-perspective investment. After a number of years people start looking not for ‘sparkling water’, but for ‘Coca-Cola’. This is a vivid example of branding_

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