Audit plan_

Website internal optimization (Website audit) Action plan Technical audit

1. Robots.txt 2. Sitemap XML 3. Broken links 4. «Infinite pages» 5. Page 404 availability. Work ethics 6 . Primary mirror 7. Page duplicates 8. Web-analytic systems 9. Assigning the region (if website is at promotion stage) 10. Internal links 11. Friendly URL 12. Website loading speed 13. Trash in the code 14. Noindex tag 15. Non-clickable menu item in its category. Logo clickability. 16. Whether breadcrumbs are installed 17. Whether encoding is specified in the code 18. Absolute and relative internal links 19. HTML validator 20. CSS validator 21. Inspection of additional errors, that may affect website loading speed and its displaying accuracy

Page indexing

1. Indexing accuracy. The amount of pages in the main Google, Bing and Yahoo indexes, and the amount in the total index. 2. Website is not filtered out 3. Are there affiliate websites?


1. Spam level 2. The correct distribution of web page weight (if website is at promotion stage)


1. Updating frequency 2. The amount of competitors’ topical content in the top 10 of the primary requests (if website is at promotion stage) 3. Texts’ size (if website is at promotion stage) 4. Text uniqueness 5. If there is an over-optimized content. Overspam. 6. Readability 7. Spellchecking


1. Website structure. Addresses, friendly URL, nesting. 2. Meta-data 3. Images 4. Titles 5. Contact details

Other important points for promotion

1. Social buttons and widgets on the website 2. How attractive are the snippets of your pages to the user? 3. Micro-layout 4. If Favicon is present 5. If the company is listed on Google maps, 2Gis, Bing Maps

Link audit

1. Backlinks analysis (if website is at promotion stage) 2. Outbound links analysis (if website is at promotion stage) 3. Competitors’ link weight analysis (if website is at promotion stage)