Plan of action_

Step-by-step promotion

Phase 1. Preparation

1) Project’s technical analysis. 2) Selection or correction of the keyword requests, choosing the landing pages. 3) Carrying out internal optimization works (if necessary) 4) Usability analysis, based on websites that are already in TOP, website structure and textual component recommendations.


20 - 25 working days

The scope of work in Phase 1 includes:

1. Compiling the Semantic Core; 2. Carrying out the website audit and usability analysis based on competitors’ analysis, and writing recommendations for improving the website and the text component; 3. Drafting the technical task for the copywriter (if necessary) with required keywords entry; 4. Meta tag analysis (search and correction of the duplicates); 5. Writing the new meta tags for keywords requests; 6. Robots.txt check, making the necessary corrections: turning off “unnecessary” pages indexing (sorting, filters, recycle bin, cabinet); 7. Main mirror setup, correcting the page duplicates; 8. .htaccess file check, making the necessary corrections; 9. Creating and adding the website map sitemap.xml, and the correct configuration of its contents; 10. Checking the titles, making the necessary corrections; 11. Checking the 404 Error configuration accuracy, making the necessary corrections; 12. Checking for the broken links, eliminating them. 13. Checking for the hidden texts/links, making the necessary corrections; 14. Error Checking for Google, Bing and Yahoo, making the necessary corrections; 15. Checking for the manual filter. 16. Checking for the broken links, rectification; 17. Checking for Canonical, its accuracy and necessity;. 18. Checking if redirection settings are correct, making the necessary corrections; 19. Checking the CSS and HTML code errors, making the necessary corrections; 20. Checking for the volumetric code, that affects the page loading speed (positioning them in a separate file);

21. Checking for relinking between the website pages, making the necessary corrections; 22. Checking for registered alt and title attributes for images, making the necessary corrections; 23. Closing the indexing from all external outbound website links; 24. Setting up objectives in Google Analytics, Yahoo and Bing; 25. A set of measures to speed up the loading of the website pages (enabling the browser cashing, compression of images, compression of css and html files).

Separate Payment

26. Creating website’s mobile version. 27. Installing Secure HTTPS protocol. A violation of the resource functionality and minor temporary failures in the layout are allowed in the process of fixing technical defects of the website. Such a factor may occur because the processes are carried out on the operating website.

Work results after the first phase:

- An optimized and fully ready for promotion website that meets the basic technical requirements of search engines; - A list of key requests for priority sections; Phase 2. Active promotion The phase of sequentially positioning project in the top, starting with the priorities and completing with the whole website. Positive dynamics of traffic growth throughout the whole phase.


Minimum of 4 months

The scope of work in Phase 2 includes:

1. Placing natural links on the blogs and forums with good traffic.
By doing this, we get not only links to the website, but also targeted traffic of users who can become real clients or simply improve behavioral factors;
2. Placing internal links from one page of the website to another in order to transfer more weight to more important pages; 3. Adding the website to free catalogs (adding to the paid catalogs is discussed separately) 4. Placing a video about the website on various trusted resources (youtube, bing, vimeo, aol, bright cove, hulu, amazon s3, netflix, blinks, dailymotion, linkedin, facebook, twitter, tumblr, iTunes, flickr, veoh, viddler); 5. Placing comments with an active link on the website; 6. Placing links in the TOP social media groups; 7. Placing links on the classified advertisement websites.