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Promotion on social media websites

Research, from March 2017, shows that there are 1.86 bln on Facebook every month. The average increase rate of new users is 17% each year. There is a huge potential that a large part of those users can become your customers.

Our team will carry out a detailed analysis of your social media sources and will offer a tailor-made consultancy together with the best solution to fix any problems you may face. IT Daddy LTD will provide a professional solution to help your business reach out to the potential customers on the social media resources, by increasing the number of those users reached – which is the majority of the world’s population, as it’s hard to find a person that does not use any source of social media now.

We Improve Your Visibility and Presence Online

All major social media giants, such as Google+, Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are targeted.

We Provide Help with Targeting the Correct Audience

As every business is different and has a unique target audience, we carry out a thorough analysis and research to find the best-suited customer base for your website. Our aim is to provide the required audience for your business both locally and globally.

Good Reputation is a Key to Success

We all know that business reputation on social media is vital. Thus, we will make every effort to ensure a good reputation for your business on social media websites. IT Daddy LTD dedicated team will actively follow any social media resources that your business may have, making sure that all comments or queries from any user are not left unattended. We don’t use bots to generate comments or fake audience, everything is done by real people and is dedicated to your business.

Individual Approach to Each Business

We understand that each business is unique in its own way, and there is not such a thing as a template social media campaign that would work for any business model. Thus, our team will spend enough time to analyze and research your business to have an in-depth understanding of how you operate, so that we can offer the best social media campaign strategy for your company.
Tailor-made Strategy

Every business needs an individual marketing strategy that meets all special requirements of the company, together with a customized design of your website that goes in hand with your marketing plan.

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